4000 PSI 4 GPM (Gas-Hot Water) Pressure Washer Powered by Honda with General Pump

The BO-4012-10G is equipped with the powerful 13 HP Honda GX engine with electric start. The battery operated electric starter makes operation a breeze. Save money with the diesel fueled water heater that reaches maximum temperature rise of 120 degrees. The ceramic components help this machine to run cooler, last longer and makes it easy to maintain and repair.


4000 PSI
4 Gallons Per Min
16000 Cleaning Units
CU:PSI and GPM are required to get the job done properly. The cleaning efficiency of a pressure washer is calculated using the formula (PSI x GPM).

Product Features

  • Powder Coated Steel Roll Cage
  • Lifting Hooks & Pneumatic Tires
  • 9 Gallon Poly Diesel Fuel Tank w/ Fuel Filter
  • 13 HP Honda GX 390 Engine W/ Electric Push Start
  • Thermo Sensor ( overheat protection in bypass mode
  • Reliable Beckett Burners
  • Adjustable thermostat to suit any job
  • High limit over-temp protection and safety relief valve
  • 50′ High Pressure Hose with QC’s
  • Gun and Wand Assembly with QC ‘s
  • Diesel Fired 12 Volt Hot Water Burner System
  • Remote Chemical Injector Assembly with QC’s
  • Four High Pressure QC Tips
  • Optional 150′ hose reel with mounting kit-installed
  • Must Be Properly Vented If Operated Indoors!

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