Auto Detailing Trailers

The Dirt Bully Detailing Trailer

Dirt Bully Skid Mounted Detailing TrailerDirt Bully Detailing Open Trailer

The Dirt Bully Mobile Detailing Trailers

are outfitted with everything you will ever need to efficiently wash, dry, and detail a vehicle with ease. The Dirt Bully will never call in sick, never ask to leave work early, and it’s always ready to work when you are. And then some!

It’s everything you need for detailing, in a super duty package that is strong enough to withstand virtually any abuse you can through at it (within reason, of course).

With reinforced steel box tube construction, diamond-plate wheel wells, heavy duty hose reel and hardcore machinery, the Dirty Bully will practically scare the dirt off the surfaces that you need to clean.

The Dirt Bully Mobile Detailing Trailers Features:

  • Fully Enclosed Locking Trailer with “Stay-Open” Top
  • High Capacity Water Tank
  • Convenient Equipment & Detailing Supply Storage
  • Powerful Mobile Generator
  • Custom Pressure Washer System
  • Foaming Chemical Injector
  • Car Detailing Starter Kit – FREE
  • Custom Colors are available (attract more business)

Mobile Detailing Equipment

Hey we get it…It never hurts to ask around and try to find out what type of equipment the pros use to operate their mobile car wash business. That is exactly why we created The Dirt Bully. Many current owners of The Dirt Bully are proud of the choice they made to own the best mobile detailing system in the world and most of our customers order 2 or 3 more after realizing how easy our trailers are to use. The best part about owning one of our detailing trailers is that you have the support of the Blast-Off Equipment team and access to our FREE Auto Detailing Training Classes.

The bottom line is that choosing our auto detailing trailers for your mobile car wash business makes a lot of sense. You will save time and money with these units and increase the opportunity to expand your business, service area and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Car Washing and Detailing is in demand

Vehicles get dirty, especially here is south Florida. We all know Floridians are always on the go…we drive everywhere – from picking up the kids from school to grocery shopping, we drive anywhere we need to go. The dirt and grime kicked up on our busy streets and the ever changing weather conditions we live with turn our cars into rolling dust bunnies. This is great news for us, it presents a huge opportunity for starting your own mobile detailing business.

In fact, market research reports an upward surge in the Auto Detailing and Car Wash market in the Southeast. This growth is expected to continue from 2014 through 2019, supported by rise in disposable income and increased awareness of water usage and its effect on the environment.

More and more people are unsatisfied with taking their vehicles to a local car wash, self-service bays or the automatic car wash, for good reason. While those solutions may be okay for some, driving to the car wash has become a inconvenience and a waste time and money. Who would want to waste gas to drive to car wash that offers bad service and even worse results.

The solution is simple, customers are looking for a more convenient service with better service. Starting your own mobile detailing business is easy with The Dirt Bully. We set you up with everything you’ll need to start your very own auto detailing business. Call Blast-Off Equipment today for a free quote.